A Good Start

There is nothing quite like a good start.  Sometimes having a good start to a painting can be like a springboard, launching you forward in the process.  Other times the good start creates stress as you try to hold onto the strength of the initial drawing instead of allowing the painting to develop on it’s own.  The beginning gesture of a painting is my favorite part of the process.  Those first few lines can tell you if you have a fight on your hands or a really good ride.  The whole painting can be found in the first few marks.

The images here show some of the process of the painting, Catch.  The piece is 36″ x 36″, oil on canvas, 2014.



Bentley Catch in progress 1

Bentley Catch in progress 2

Bentley Catch in progress 3



Bentley Catch in progress 5

Bentley Catch in progress 6


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